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7 Must Have Moving Supplies

It’s no secret that moving is hard work, and it’s usually a job nobody enjoys. When planning for a move, most of us make lists to help us remember everything we need to do before the big moving day. We purchase moving supplies, like mattress bags and bubble wrap, to protect our belongings. We pick up old boxes from friends who no longer need them. There’s a lot to remember before a move, so we’ve made a list of seven must-have moving supplies. 

  1. Moving Boxes
    Moving boxes are the most well-known among moving supplies. They protect our belongings from damage and help us stay organized. It’s always helpful to group items according to the room they will belong in. Remember not to place too many heavy things in one box, or it will become difficult to lift. Try to limit the number of heavy items in each box. We recommend placing the heaviest items in the bottom of the box and stacking lighter things on top. Place towels or blankets around things that need extra padding. To keep your belongings from moving around inside the box, add towels, clothes, or packing paper around the items. Struggling to find boxes? Try searching on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or the Letgo app.
  2. Permanent Markers
    When considering moving supplies, permanent markers can be easy to forget, but they are one of the most important items in a move. After each box is packed, it is hard to remember what is stored in it, unless it’s labeled. We recommend picking up a large pack of permanent markers (Amazon has a great one here!), so that you’ll have enough for all your moving helpers to label boxes. Don’t forget to add the word “fragile” to boxes with breakables, so your movers will know to keep them upright and handle gently. When you pack a box, label it according to the room it will go in. For example, write “kitchen: drinking glasses, mugs.” This way, your moving team will be able to place your boxes in the room they belong in. It will make unpacking so much smoother!
  3. Bubble Wrap
    From coffee mugs to framed photos, we all have special items that must be transported carefully. We recommend picking up a few rolls of bubble wrap among your moving supplies. You will be surprised at how quickly you will go through it! Bubble wrap with small bubbles is best for protecting breakable items like glassware or china, and large bubbles best protect big or heavy items. We recommend wrapping your belongings with the bubbles facing the item.
  4. Packing Paper
    Packing paper is great for filling any gaps inside boxes and keeping your items from shifting around. If an item shifts during transit, it could cause breakage or damage. Unlike newspaper, packing paper is ink-free and acid-free, so it will not bleed onto your items. Leave the paper flat or crinkle it up and stuff it inside the gaps in the boxes.
  5. Stretch Plastic Wrap
    Just like your kitchen cling wrap, stretch plastic wrap works the exact same way but covers much bigger areas. Use it to wrap around furniture or objects you want to protect. It is a great tool for keeping dresser drawers in place or grouping small items like silverware together. It is also helpful for protecting furniture from dust or water, but it will not protect against scratches or dents unless it is wrapped many times. Here’s a helpful YouTube video with tips on how to use it. To speed up your packing process, wrap some around any loose items you may have, like toys, makeup supplies, or baby items. Watch how quickly your packing comes together!
  6. Heavy-Duty Clear Packing Tape
    Let’s be honest: Packing tape is the real M.V.P. in a move. In fact, it’s probably near impossible to move without it. We recommend these bulk packages of tape, because (trust us when we say this) you will need a lot of tape. It will seal your boxes, secure your bubble wrap, and ensure your packing paper is locked in place. If you’re using moving blankets, it will even help secure them too. To make things even easier on you, we recommend a tape gun. To secure your box, tape it down the middle and side. For boxes that need a little more reinforcement, tape around the box twice and form a perpendicular cross. Still not sure how to tape it securely? Here’s a helpful video!
  7. Mattress Bags
    During our lifetime, we spend a lot of time sleeping in bed (33 percent of our lives, in fact!). Many of us invest in comfortable mattresses to aid our sleep. They are an expensive investment, so we often keep them for long periods of time. During a move, it is important to protect your mattresses to keep away moisture, bed bugs, and dirt. Mattress bags provide the protection your mattress needs. It will even keep your mattress from taking on a musty odor or pests.

Moving Supplies Wrap Up

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