Dog Stuff Organizer Tips

Have you been hunting for a good dog stuff organizer system? We love our canine companions, but they also come with a lot of … stuff. It can be overwhelming to find a place for it all, so we’ve put together some dog stuff organizer tips to help find storage solutions in your home. With a little bit of thought, creating a dog stuff organizer system can be simple and even stylish (check out these tips on making your dog storage aesthetically pleasing!).

1. Create a Pet Storage Area 

Find a section of your home to convert into a pet storage station. If you’re already tight on space, convert a cabinet into your pet supply storage area. The cabinet can be in your laundry room, mud room, entryway, or even your kitchen. 

Don’t have an extra cabinet to use? Consider buying a stand-alone storage unit to put in a corner of your home. Or create your own by adding some shelves, hooks, baskets, and bins for leashes, treats, dishes, food, and toys. 

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, check out this DIY project on converting an old dresser into a pet feeding and storage station. The possibilities are endless!

2. Make a Paperwork Storage System

Dogs come with a lot of paperwork. From vet bills, adoption paperwork, vaccination records, and medication and microchip papers, there is a lot to keep track of. Having a good dog stuff organizer system ensures that all your dog’s paperwork is organized too. 

Consider building a mini file system organized with small files on each of your pets. Whenever you have more paperwork to add, search for your pet’s name in the file system and add to it. If this system is not quite right for you, try another paperwork organizing idea. Establishing a good paperwork organization system will help simplify your life in the long run. 

3. Build an Animal First-Aid Kit

Sadly, our pets can get hurt from time to time. When emergencies happen, it’s best to have a first aid kit ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Add things like gauze, bandages, flea and tick treatments, worming treatments, antiseptic, and hand sanitizer. 

Staying on top of the first-aid portion of your dog stuff organizer will help you stay calm during an emergency. Just be sure to clearly label your dog’s first aid kit so that you don’t get it mixed up with your own first aid kit – and be sure to keep it out of reach of children. 

Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of building your first-aid kit? Check out this helpful list of what to put in your pet’s first aid kit. If you plan to travel with your pet, store the first aid kit in a bag that’s easy to grab and go! If you don’t want to make your own first aid kit, grab a pre-made kit from Amazon. Make sure you routinely check your first aid kit to ensure nothing has expired. 

4. Create a Functional and Beautiful Way to Store Dog Food

Storing dog food in its bag looks messy and adds odors to your home. There are a plethora of tips and tricks for storing it in a way that is organized, functional, and even beautiful. Whether you purchase a basic food storage dispenser or a stylish pet food canister – or even decide to make your own canister out of a popcorn container – keeping your pet’s food in a container makes your home look neater. If you have cabinet space, store your dog food in canisters under your sink or inside a cabinet. 

Once you’ve figured out a dog stuff organizer system for your kibble, move on to storage solutions for your dog’s treats. Store them in glass containers or quart-sized Mason jars (check out this fun Mason-jar-inspired DIY project that you and your kids will love!). Once they are out of their bags and in pretty jars, you can arrange them on a countertop and incorporate them into your decorating. Add a pretty label and call it a day! 

5. Keep Your Dog’s Grooming Supplies Together

You’re on your way to becoming a pro dog stuff organizer, but we can’t leave out our dog’s hygienic items, like shampoo, brushes, and toothbrushes. Throw your grooming supplies in a basket and add it to your pet storage area, or take it a step further by purchasing a shower caddy or tote bag and utilizing the various pockets and sections to keep things tidy. Having everything together in a bag or caddy will make it easier to transport to the bathroom or patio for grooming sessions. 

6. Figure Out Your Toy Storage

Last, but definitely not least, is finding a dog toy solution. Rather than leaving balls, ropes, and chew toys scattered throughout your house, having a place for everything will help with your home’s organization. 

Label specific baskets for each type of toy and add them to your pet storage area. If you want to display your pet’s toys in a stylish way, consider repurposing metal storage baskets into a cute pet storage system. If you don’t want your pet to reach his toys on his own, hang the baskets high on the wall. But if you want your pet to be able to grab his own toys, hang the baskets low enough for your dog to reach them. 

Don’t forget to sort through your dog’s toys regularly to see when it’s time to throw out old or ragged toys and find some new ones for your furry friends. 

7. Pleasant Grove Self Storage is Here For You

Here at Pleasant Grove, we want to help you simplify and beautify your life. By keeping things in your storage unit, you are ensuring that your home doesn’t become overwhelmed with stuff. Whether it’s your dog’s Halloween or Christmas costumes, seasonal decorations, or extra furniture, we want you to feel good about storing it with us and keeping your home clutter-free. 

While you focus on becoming an expert dog stuff organizer, let us handle the rest. Reach out to us today to talk with one of our storage experts about finding the perfect size unit for your belongings.