How to Store Christmas Decorations

How to Store Christmas Decorations

As the holiday season comes to a close, the age-old question remains: When do we take down our Christmas decorations? You might be a strict day-after-Christmas or New Year’s Day decoration remover. But whether you wait until January 6 or the end of January, the decorations still have to come down at some point. After the hype and fun of the holiday season, it often feels like a chore to take it all down. We’ve put together some tips and tricks so that your organization stays simple and your decorations stay safe until next year. 

Where Do I Start?
As you store Christmas decorations, the best place to start is to sort. Group everything into categories: ornaments, wreaths and garlands, lights, figurines and nativities, stockings, gift wrap, tabletop decor, books, and candles. Use this time as an opportunity to inspect everything you have. Is there anything too worn to use again next year, like broken light strands or crushed ribbons? If so, throw them out. Make a list of the things you need to replace the following year. Although it might be tempting to avoid the extra step, this is the easiest time to do it. Spending a little extra time to organize as you put things away will make decorating next year more enjoyable. 

In What Do I Store Christmas Decorations?
Once you’ve sorted everything, store Christmas decorations in plastic bins. Cardboard breaks down over time, but plastic bins are sturdy and hold up over longer periods. Wipe down the plastic bins each year to keep them free from dust and dirt. Distinguish holiday bins from others by buying festive red bins to make them stand out and easy to find. Label each bin with the items inside (example: Christmas ornaments, holiday garlands, holiday tabletop decor, etc). 

Where Do I Store Christmas Decorations?
Ornaments and sentimental decor should not be stored in a basement, attic, or garage, as the fluctuation of temperature and humidity can damage them over time. Temperature fluctuation can trigger oxidation, ruining items that are metal, glass, or silver. With time, they can become discolored and fade, or even break. At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, our storage units are climate controlled so you don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures harming your belongings. We keep our climate-controlled storage spaces above 50°F and below 80°F. Our climate-controlled units continuously circulate air, which keeps the air clean and removes the need to open your storage unit to bring fresh air inside.

How Do I Organize Christmas Decorations?
Out of ideas? Here are some organization hacks: 

  • Keep non-breakable bulbs in clear plastic bags and sort by color.
  • Place small ornaments inside empty egg cartons for extra protection (wrap them before storing for an added layer of protection!), or place carefully wrapped ornaments inside shoe boxes. 
  • Loop your ornaments around wooden rods and hang the rods inside a plastic storage bin. All your ornaments will be neatly hung, ready for the next year’s Christmas tree.
  • Wrap a dish towel or bubble wrap around your holiday books for protection.
  • Long strings of garlands should be placed individually in smaller containers before storing in plastic bins to protect them from tearing or tangling. Strings of beads can be stored inside empty water bottles or another small container.
  • Wreaths can be stored in wreath bags.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around sections of cardboard to keep individual strands neat and organized. 
  • Use shrink wrap around artificial trees or other items you don’t want to move. 
  • Keep loose ribbons and bows in small boxes to avoid tangles.

Even though they are only used briefly each year, Christmas decorations hold a lot of sentimentality and memories. Keep them organized so they can be passed down from generation to generation. Our memories are shared through the special belongings we cherish: grandma’s tree topper, baby’s first Christmas ornament, Aunt Margaret’s Christmas village. Protect your memories by storing your decorations in a climate-controlled room. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit!