Six Most Common Items in Storage Units

If your home is like most of your neighbors’, you probably have a lot of stuff jammed in closets or stacked in corners. Americans have more stuff than ever before in history. 

Here are a few fun facts. According to professional organizer Regina Lark, “The average U.S. household has 300,000 things, from paper clips to ironing boards. U.S. children make up 3.7% of children on the planet but have 47% of all toys and children’s books (Los Angeles Times).

That’s why self-storage facilities like Pleasant Grove Self Storage are becoming more and more popular. They are a quick, affordable, and convenient way to store items and clear out the clutter from your home.

Our onsite managers at Pleasant Grove Self Storage have helped many of our customers find the perfect option for their belongings, and we’d love to do the same for you. If you’re thinking it’s time to declutter and don’t know where to start, we suggest you begin by going through each room of your house and ask yourself, “What do I really want to keep but don’t need to be dealing with on a daily basis and don’t need to keep in the house?”

To help stimulate your process, we offer the six most common items in storage units.

6. Music and Sports Equipment

It’s not unusual to become disinterested in things we once loved. This is often the case with musical instruments and sports equipment. Remember when your son took up a sudden interest in guitar playing and had to have that guitar? It made a perfect Christmas gift at the time, but now it is collecting dust in his room, and he’s away at college. Or, how about your daughter needing a soccer net and all of the gear to practice her soccer. You spent a lot of money on that guitar and you have so many fond memories of your daughter’s soccer career and her hours of practice in the backyard. It’s hard to get rid of these items. This is where storage units come in handy. 

5. Appliances

Sometimes in your life when moving, building a house, downsizing or remodeling, you need a secure place to safely store perfectly good and useful appliances that for whatever reason you may not be using. Microwaves, ovens, fridges, stoves, washers, and dryers can all be properly stored with good packing practices. Our onsite managers can recommend and sell you the proper supplies you will need to store your appliances.

4. Art and Antiques

There are many times someone wants to store away antiques or artwork and keep them outside of the home. Two of the most common reasons are inheritance and redecorating. 

You may have inherited from a relative some fine art or antiques that you know are valuable but that don’t fit with your decorating style. Until you know what to do with them, we suggest you put them in a storage unit to give you time to decide to sell or give the items away. 

Some people are consummate decorators. They like different furniture for different times of the year or just get bored with their furniture and want to swap it out. The next time you want to switch out your items, simply place them in the storage unit and grab the set in storage.This is a great way to keep things looking fresh without spending a fortune every time you feel like a change. Contact us about using our free moving truck.

3. Print Items: Pictures, Books, Magazines, etc. 

Family photos can take up a huge amount of space. That’s also why they are one of the top-stored items in storage units. Simply box them up for safekeeping and store them away to keep them safe and out of your way. Read our blog to learn tips for storing collectibles.

Many avid readers consider their book collection quite valuable. For students, researchers, writers and professors, and book lovers, parting with their books is difficult to imagine. However, other family members might consider the collection simply a dust collector. Consider storing these prized possessions safely in a storage unit. Store them in boxes and place the boxes on bookshelves for easier access in your storage unit. 

2. Seasonal Items

Where does your Christmas tree go when it’s not set up in the house? What about boxes of winter decor for the fall and winter holidays? These seasonal items are important to you in expressing holiday spirit but a nuisance when not in use 11 months out of the year. 

With a storage unit, you can keep all of your favorite seasonal items and dispatch them to your storage unit when not in use. You will not believe how getting these items out of sight and away in a storage unit will free you up. And even better is knowing that you will keep the seasonal item in great condition while in storage, not having to replace it annually, saving you money. 

1. Furniture!

The most common items in storage units are people’s furniture! Beds, tables, chairs, and anything else – these are the items that folks want to keep but don’t necessarily have room for at any given time. 

Whether for home or office, storing furniture is an option if you are moving to a smaller space, selling property, trying to get rid of clutter, or making room for more family or a bigger business.

This is where storage units shine. If you have furniture you treasure, you can rent climate-controlled storage to keep your furniture safe and out of the way. Our professional onsite management can help you with tips on how to best stack and store everything, too, getting the most out of the unit’s vertical space. Read our blog on storage unit tips and tricks.

Storage facilities are a great resource during times of transition and remodeling. They not only provide physical space but also mental space – freeing you up and giving you time to decide what you want to do with these items.

In addition to these 6 most common items in storage units, other popular items that people often store are the following:

  • Old electronics
  • Media, like DVDs, cassette tapes, etc. 
  • Tools and spare parts 

Here at Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we help customers in Rosehill and the surrounding areas to store the items that are most valuable to them.

Do you own any of the items on our ‘6 Most Common Items In Storage Units’ list? Are you looking for peace of mind regarding your self-storage items? Pleasant Grove Self Storage is a cost effective and secure solution.

Get in touch with us about any questions you may have or to learn more about safely packing items for the long haul. Give us a call today at 916.772.1500.