Top 10 Ways to Efficiently Store Items

Whether you’re moving out of your home, cleaning out space for a guest, or just doing some spring cleaning, managing your self-storage space is a great way to get the most out of your unit. Having a self-storage unit is convenient and knowing different ways to effectively store items will definitely help when you’re looking for something or trying to put stuff away.

If you find yourself in need of extra space to pack furniture, winter clothes, or stash away non-essentials, self storage units are the perfect solution because they come in a variety of sizes. However, no matter the size, it’s very easy to lose track of where you have stored your items over time. These 10 ways are perfect to help you keep your space organized and clean. 

Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Storage Units 

With a little forethought, you can maximize the functionality of your unit and save yourself time and money. You’ll never misplace your favorite sweater or that expensive antique among the sea of boxes and packaged furniture. Whether you have used self-storage for years or are just new to the wonderful world of self-storage, here are a few of the most efficient ways to store items in your unit. 

Plan Ahead

The most important aspect of organizing your storage unit is to plan ahead. Visualize what you’re going to store, create separate compartments for different items, and label ahead of time. 

As you begin to store items, maintain an inventory of what you store, so you won’t lose hours trying to see if you stored an item in the first place. Write down what you move as well and include photos of shelves or boxes if needed. If you are comfortable using apps, check out our blog on storage apps to find an app that will quickly do this maintenance work for you. If you plan on installing furniture or shelves in the unit, schedule the purchase and installation before you begin storing your belongings there. Companies like Home Depot will deliver and install shelves for you.

Beyond Self Storage

Think beyond simply storing your stuff in cardboard boxes. Yes, cardboard boxes are inexpensive, convenient, and are easy on the planet. However, using clear bins makes it easier for you to keep constant track of what’s inside your storage space. Plus, they save space on storage if you purchase stackable bins of the same size.

Cardboard boxes are also easily susceptible to dust and can get ruined with even the slightest moisture. Clear bins save you time and keep your belongings clean and safe over long periods. 

Stock up on Dryer Sheets 

Dryer sheets can be your best friend when it comes to making sure your items are safe from moisture and pets. Even in protected storage units, it’s easy for spiders, insects, and even small mice to sneak in and damage your belongings. Placing dryer sheets in the corners of the storage unit and inside your boxes or bins can help prevent any pest problem. 

They also leave your items smelling great after being stored away for so long. It’s important to replace your sheets every month, so stock up on them in advance! 

Start Utilizing Furniture and Shelves 

Make the most of your storage units by building and installing shelves, which is a common practice among many storage unit owners. You can purchase hanging shelves and have them installed or install them yourself. Hanging shelves are a wonderful way to maximize your storage space by using the walls of the unit and allowing you to organize items that may not fit in boxes.

As long as it is well protected with a cover, a piece of furniture that you are storing can be useful in saving space also. You can store on top of it, pack smaller items into the drawers, and store boxes under it, as in the case of a table. You should note that to increase the lifespan of your furniture, it would be beneficial to know some ways to protect your furniture (wood and leather).

Pack Vertically

When organizing your unit, always ensure you start packing your belongings vertically. Boxes can be stacked up to the ceiling and keep your furniture upright. If you have bookcases or furniture with sleeves, make use of the extra storage space to store boxes. If your storage unit is high, remember to bring in a foldable or step ladder inside to ensure easy access to all your belongings. 

Store Heavy Items in the Back 

The most efficient way we recommend storing items is by starting from the back of the storage unit with larger, heavier items and boxes. Carefully store them in the back and start at the bottom to avoid crushing smaller boxes and articles. The heavier objects in the back and on the bottom act as a base for the rest of your items.

Store Items According to Frequency of Need

Your storage unit will certainly contain items that you will need to access more frequently than others. Seasonal clothing, for instance, is something you will want easy access to throughout the year. These items should be packed near the front, depending on how frequently you’ll be coming in for them. Placing them in a convenient spot in a storage unit where it is clearly marked and stored will save time and hassle, as opposed to digging around on the floor of the back of your bedroom closet. This storage unit organization method offers an easy plan that protects your seasonal items. 

Protect Your Fragile and Expensive Collections 

When packing your belongings for storage, consider how long you will be storing these items and take extra measures to protect them over time. Give extra attention to the fragile items and expensive collections you have by packing them in bubble wrap. Drop into our office to pick up packing supplies to protect your valuables. Keep in mind that you will need to transport them to the unit in boxes, and, while moving around, something could easily get damaged. Double wrap with bubble wrap to ensure the safety of your valuables! 

Create Aisles 

On the day you begin transferring your items to your storage unit you might be inclined to move quickly to get it done. Take your time. After all, these are your belongings, and even if you have shelves installed, quickly dumping your belongings inside will make a mess. Plan for a distinct aisle with a clear center inside your unit. Place labels on the boxes and have the labeled side facing the center. You’ll thank yourself later when you can see all your boxes and belongings at a glance without having to push items around to find things.

Ensure Your Entire Space Is Dry 

In order to avoid mold and other problems created by moisture, take steps to ensure your items are dry before you store them. This includes move-in day. If it’s raining when you transport your items, you will need to be sure that all your stuff is completely dry before packing them up and storing them to prevent wet and moldy boxes. 

Your items are our number one priority at Pleasant Grove Self Storage, and we want your experience to be top tier. These are the best storage-unit methods that you’ll need to know to protect your items while storing with us. Follow these storage tips to maximize your storage space and minimize the hassle! 

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