Using Self Storage Tips

Using Self-Storage Tips to Improve Your Self-Care

Have you considered using self-storage tips to improve your self-care? We all experience stress in our lives, from jobs to finances to extended families. In the midst of external stresses, our homes should be a place to find clarity and order — a place where self-care is prioritized. We’ve compiled tips to transform your home into a peaceful retreat. Here’s to more health, peace, and wellness in 2023! 

Using Self-Storage Tips to Declutter Your Space

A cluttered space affects more than just your home. It alters your mental health, happiness, and ability to think clearly. In cluttered spaces, it’s easy to lose things, forget where something is, or waste time searching for an item. Cluttered spaces contribute to feelings of overwhelm and stress — two things we are saying “no” to in 2023! 

It’s no secret that stress negatively affects the body. But do you know exactly what it does to the body? It causes blood pressure to rise, affects the body’s digestive system, and weakens the immune system, which leaves us more vulnerable to future infections. Not only that, but stress also affects our moods. 

One of the best ways to boost our moods is to prioritize a clean and orderly home. By using self-storage tips and decluttering, you’ll find yourself happier and able to move around freely, which is the motivation you need to take in 2023. 

A lack of storage or closet space is a common problem when organizing. So, how does a person create more space in their home? Simple! Rent a self-storage unit and fill it with items you don’t use frequently or only need seasonally, thus freeing up space in your home. With all the extra space in your home, you’ll love the satisfaction of living in a well-organized, decluttered home! 

Using Self-Storage Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

An orderly home is more important than you may think. Order soothes and nurtures our souls. It brings a sense of happiness and calm. It gives us permission to relax, both physically and mentally. The Chinese discipline of feng shui believes that a well-ordered home brings good fortune in other areas of life. If your home needs a freshen-up, start by using self-storage tips. As you give your home an organizational facelift, you’ll find freedom in the uncluttered spaces of your home and mind. Looking for more storage tips? Check out our blog for all the best self-storage and organization tips. 

Once your home is decluttered, start by freshening things up around the house. Switch out your throw pillows. Decorate with items that bring you joy. Light candles that promote a calming atmosphere. Make your home a soothing oasis. 

Using Self-Storage Tips to Make Room for Exercise

Would you have guessed that our storage tips included exercise too? For most people, exercise is high on their list of goals. With many gyms still closed because of COVID, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and bring the gym to your home. Building a home gym is more affordable and takes up less space than you might think. And with a gym inside your home, you can no longer skip working out because you couldn’t make it to the gym (the answer is always “yes!” to a workout). Check out these tips for creating a budget-friendly home gym. 

Utilizing a self-storage unit will free up space in your home, allowing you to transform part of it into a home gym. And the convenience of a home gym will help you stay healthy all year long. Since workout classes aren’t happening right now, take a look at these workout subscription apps or find workout videos on YouTube. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can access tons of workout videos, all for free. In Prime Video, search “fitness” and see what’s available with your Prime membership. You’ll find gems like 21 Days of Transformation. Just like that, you’re already on your way to better health!

Let our team at Pleasant Grove Self Storage help make 2023 more about self-care. Since most of us are still home much of the time, start transforming your home into your retreat — your personal oasis from life’s storms. By using self-storage tips, you’ll find it will provide space to declutter your home the way you’ve always dreamed of doing. Ready to start pursuing your dreams? Contact us today to free up your space and unlock your possibilities.