Why Is Climate-Controlled Storage So Important?

You may have decided you need a self-storage unit, but now you’re wondering — why climate-controlled storage? What are its benefits? Here’s the short of it: In Roseville, we experience temperature fluctuations of over 100°F in the summer to around 20°F in the winter. If kept in a conventional storage unit, your belongings can become damaged over time from these extreme temperatures. Our climate-controlled storage spaces preserve the quality and value of your items by helping to eliminate temperature fluctuations and keep the temperature from falling below 50°F or rising above 80°F, but there are plenty of other reasons why climate-controlled storage is so important. 

What Items Thrive in a Climate-Controlled Space?

While there are some items that do fine in traditional storage spaces, most items thrive in climate-controlled spaces. These items do best in climate-controlled spaces:

  • Books, files/records
  • Microfilm, microfiche
  • Photographs, collectibles, antiques
  • Computers, stereos, electronics
  • CDs, DVDs, record albums, videos, audio tapes
  • Upholstery, bedding, mattresses, clothing
  • Artwork, oil paintings, paint supplies
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Medical equipment
  • Retail inventory items
  • Pianos, musical equipment
  • Fine crystal, glassware
  • Leather furniture
  • Wood furniture
  • Boxed items
  • Holiday decorations
  • Excess inventory
  • Other items you would store inside your home

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What Can I Store in a Traditional Storage Unit?

Items that are not temperature sensitive can be stored in our traditional storage units to keep them protected from the elements. Our conventional storage facilities feature extra-wide driveways with grade-level entries, making loading and unloading a breeze. 

Here’s a helpful list of items that do well in our traditional storage units:

  • Vehicles and boats
  • Sports gear
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Yard items
  • Anything you would store in your garage

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If I Only Need Short-Term Storage, Can I Get Away With Using Traditional Storage?

Consider how long your possessions will be in storage. Your stuff will most likely be fine if stored for less than a month. But if you need storage for more than a month, your belongings are more likely to be damaged by heat, cold, or humidity

When Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Here’s a few reasons why climate-controlled storage is necessary:

You have no idea how long your possessions will be stored.

If you don’t have enough room for all of your furniture or things but aren’t sure when you will have space for them again, we recommend playing it safe and storing them in climate-controlled storage.

You need to keep things stored year-round.

Consider climate-controlled storage if your belongings will spend more time in storage than out of it. These items were designed for indoor use, and months of exposure to heat, cold, and humidity will cause them to deteriorate. This is why climate-controlled storage plays such an important role in preserving the quality of your belongings. 

Your possessions hold sentimental value.

Regardless of the type of material, heirlooms and antique photographs should be kept in climate-controlled storage. Extreme temperatures have the potential to harm heirlooms, which are typically irreplaceable.

We’re Here To Help

We hope we’ve shed more light on why climate-controlled storage is important. If you’re still scratching your head, scroll through our list of questions to help you decide if an item needs climate-controlled or traditional storage space. 

Got questions for us? Reach out and chat with our friendly staff. Your calls will always be answered by a real person. If you’re local, stop by our office for a cup of coffee while we answer your questions and chat about what size storage unit is best for you. And when you’re ready to rent a storage space, we’re here for you.