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5 Reasons Pleasant Grove voted Best Roseville Self Storage

Are you looking for the best Roseville self storage with that personal touch? As we observe trends in storage units across the country, we have noticed an alarming movement: storage facilities are moving toward a business model of no customer service. For the customer, this means you sign up online and never interact with the rental office staff.

We believe in a different model of customer care. Here at Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we pride ourselves on something we like to call “The Pleasant Difference.” We believe faces are important. We want to connect with you and we want you to connect with our team. We are always here to provide personalized service and stand out from our competitors. So, we’ve compiled 5 reasons why we are the best Roseville self-storage facility for you. 

1. We Live Onsite

In other words, we are the face of our business. We believe it’s important to have a business model that prioritizes you the customer. Here at Pleasant Grove, our team is friendly, positive, and enthusiastic. Our slogan is “We care. Come see the difference.” With the intent of making your storage experience as “pleasant” and convenient as possible, our customer service is part of what makes us the best Roseville self storage unit. Plus, we’ll help you navigate any storage space issues and decide on what size space is right for you (Did you know we offer several storage sizes?). 

2. We Are Accessible 

We always greet our customers with a smile and are here to listen and help any way we can. Our management team is caring, kind, and knowledgeable. Our managers, Sherri and Austin, have over 30 years in the self storage business. They are seasoned professionals who have huge hearts. Their biggest goal is to offer unparalleled customer service, and they take a lot of pride in being the best Roseville self storage unit. And you’ve voted us the Best of the Best for best self storage facility in Roseville. That’s something we can hang our hat on!

3. We Answer Our Phones

Your calls will always be answered by a real person. We are the ones talking to you, not a call service or automated message. We are always responsive and are always here for your questions. As the best Roseville self storage facility, we prioritize your calls and questions. We love our customers and your calls are never a bother to us. 

4. We Communicate With You and Keep You in the Know

Stopping by your storage unit? We invite you into our office for a cup of coffee. Say hello and ask us any questions in person. We always make time for our customers and are on a first-name basis with them. Speaking of our customers, we welcome you to sign up for our storage unit in person. If you don’t want to sign up online, you don’t have to! And that’s one of the reasons we are the best Roseville self storage unit: we accommodate our customers. We don’t force you to fit the trend of automated phone calls and online-only service. While we love our website and believe you’ll find it straightforward, we know customer service isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

5. We Always Listen Intently To Your Needs

At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we practice active listening. We desire to fully understand and retain what you are saying. Here, you are not just a number, but a real person. We want to listen to your questions and give them the time and attention they deserve. We will hear your needs and provide customized solutions. This is what makes us the best Roseville self storage unit. 

Are you ready? Contact the best Roseville Self Storage unit to book the perfect storage solution for your home or your business. Reach out to us today and you’ll see the Pleasant difference (and find out about cool perks, like our free moving truck)! We can’t wait for your call!