Beware of “Cheap Storage Units” Advertising

Not all storage units are created equal. If you’re looking for a storage unit, there are thousands of options available, from franchises to locally-owned boutique facilities. With so many choices, how do you choose? Do you rent the cheapest one? Sadly, many storage units mislead new customers, luring them in with the promise of inexpensive prices but raise those prices frequently. At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we believe in the importance of transparency. With us, what you see is what you get. 

Are Cheap Storage Units Misleading? 

Storage facilities may advertise cheap storage units, but an initial published price may increase substantially within the first three months of renting the unit. Cheap storage units might sound great in theory, but many facilities use deceptive tactics to nickel and dime new customers. Before renting a storage unit, check the Better Business Bureau website or online reviews to find any complaints about a facility that you are considering. Here are some things to watch out for: 

  • Continually changing the rental price
  • Frequently raising the price of rent
  • Charging additional “fees”
  • Selling you insurance 

When looking at storage units, consider the following questions: 

  1. Are there any hidden costs, such as deposits or admin and move-in fees?
  2. If you are given a special offer, is it guaranteed for 30 days?
  3. Is there a first year price guarantee (as we have in our Pleasant Difference)? 

Is It Really Cheap?

The promise of cheap storage units is tempting, but, unfortunately, many storage facilities will add additional fees during the rental phase, bringing your monthly cost up much higher than the published web price. You might discover you’ve been charged an administrative fee or a deposit fee. These one-time fees can be anywhere between $10-$30 each, which makes your bill much higher than your original quote. Many cheap storage units will raise the price of rent a minimum of twice per year. The cheap rental fee you think you scored? It’s just a way of luring in new customers under false pretenses. (Check out these tips from Forbes on avoiding disaster when renting a storage unit.)

You Get What You Pay For

Another sacrifice you’re making with cheap storage units? Storage units offering cheap pricing are often constructed with inexpensive building materials and don’t offer high-end security, nor climate controlled units. Self-storage units offering high-end security, automated gate access, security lighting, high-security padlocks, and high-quality construction come with a higher cost. 

A Place You Can Call Home

When you put your belongings in storage, you want peace of mind knowing your belongings are being managed by a caring staff. That’s why we work hard to accomplish this. 

At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we offer honest pricing. We are as transparent, making sure our clients are not bamboozled by hidden expenses or unforeseen costs. Here, there are no deposits or administrative fees, and everyone receives a first-year price guarantee. 

We ensure that our customers receive the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and excellent customer service. We even offer savings packages, including the following Ways to Save:

  • Second month free package: When you rent a 5’x5’ storage space, we will pay for your second month (a savings of up to $67!). 
  • Free moving truck package: If you’re moving locally and rent a 5X10 storage space, we will provide you with a FREE Moving Truck to move your belongings to Pleasant Grove Self Storage.
  • Monthly savings for our active military personnel: We say, “thank you,” to our armed forces by offering 10% off of the monthly rental rate. Ask us about this program!
  • Moving and packing supplies savings: Get 20% off your moving and packing supplies when you rent any size storage space with us.
  • Referral bonus: We’ll pay you a $20 cash bonus for every customer. See details on our website.

Are you ready to see the “Pleasant” difference? Contact us today to reserve your space! We know you’ll like what you see, and we can’t wait to welcome you.