Military Discount Storage Units 

Military Discount Storage Units 

Did you know military families move every 2-3 years, or 2.5 times more frequently than civilian families? Deployments can last anywhere from three months to four years. As you make your military house into a home, we offer a variety of military discount storage units to help make your transition a little easier. 

The process of moving takes a significant amount of time, energy, and stress, no matter how many times you have done it. If international assignments last longer than a year, storing your belongings in a self-storage facility is recommended as a safe and economical option. Storage facilities are also a great option if the housing in your new assignment is significantly smaller than your previous house or if you are making several frequent moves in a row. We want to help make that move as simple as possible which is why we are offering military discount storage Units.

Military Discount Storage Units:

10% OFF
As you navigate your move, we are here to make your transition easier with our military discount storage units. We are grateful for the service and sacrifice of our military and offer military discounts to active military personnel as our way of saying, “Thank you!” If you are a member of our armed forces, you will receive 10% off our monthly rental rate. 

Free Moving Truck
Making a local move? We will provide you with a free moving truck. Rent your space and reserve our rental truck to move your belongings to your storage unit. Our free truck is air-conditioned, easy to drive, and comes with a ramp for easy loading and unloading. That’s one less thing to worry about on your to-do list!

Tips and Tricks for Military Storing
Since military families are experts in frequent moving, they have many helpful tips for relocation, including the following suggestions:

  • Pack your belongings in plastic tubs. – Plastic tubs are sturdier than cardboard boxes and, therefore, will hold up better as you move your belongings from place to place. They will also keep your items protected from damage as they are transported. 
  • Utilize space saver bags. – If you’re moving from a cold climate to a warm one, you will need to pack away snow clothes and other items that won’t be needed in your new home. Use space saver bags for your fabric items to take up less space. Place your space saver bags inside plastic tubs for added protection.
  • Cover large furniture. – Wrap blankets over your furniture to protect them from damage during your move. If your uncovered furniture bumps against each other, it could cause nicks, dents, or other damages. 
  • Create a moving binder. – Build a PCS binder with your moving orders, documents, and dates to remember. Add an inventory list of what will go to storage and what will go to your new home. 
  • Make “first-day” boxes. – Pack boxes with items you will need for your first day at your new home, including sheets, towels, soap, and a shower curtain. If you have movers, it will be impossible to control what is stored where in the moving truck. If toilet paper is all the way in the back of the truck, then you’ll be out of luck until you unpack all the way.
  • Declutter. – Sort through your belongings and throw away, sell, or donate things you no longer need or use. If your closet is full of clothes you haven’t worn in a few years, donate them to a shelter. Most likely, if you haven’t worn them in a few years, you won’t be reaching for them anytime soon. Keep sentimental items and things you use regularly, but pairing down your belongings will make your move easier. 

Need additional moving tips? Find more details on military moves. 

Storage Amenities
At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we want to help make your move as simple and stress-free as possible. Here are some ways we like to help!

Climate Controlled Storage Units – Our climate-controlled spaces maintain a constant temperature all year round. The temperature is designed to protect your furniture, books, clothing, mattresses, and holiday decorations. Knowing your items are protected from seasonal changes and weather-related disasters will keep you breathing easy during your deployment.  

Packing Supplies – We offer packing and moving supplies that will save you money and make your move easier! We provide multiple types of bubble wrap and packing paper, sofa and chair covers, mattress bags, tape guns, box cutters, rope, boxes, and so much more. Plus, once you become a current renter at Pleasant Grove Self Storage, you will receive 20% off all our packing and moving supplies. 

We are ready for you and can’t wait to offer our military heroes military discount storage units ! Give us a call today 916.772.1500 and let us help you navigate your military move.