How to Keep Mice Out of Storage Units

Nobody wants pests in their storage unit. From damaging your items to causing issues for renters, pests can be a real problem in a storage unit. And while we do everything in our power to keep pests out, there are some important tips our renters should follow to minimize the concern. 

Renting a storage unit opens up many possibilities in your life. A storage unit is an amazing way to create more space in your home, helping you prioritize self care by freeing up additional mental and emotional space. With endless options opened to you through a storage unit, we’ve compiled some tips on keeping it clean and preventing a common concern: how to keep mice out of storage units

1. Pack Your Belongings in Plastic Storage Bins with Lids 

An effective strategy for how to keep mice out of storage units is storing your belongings in plastic bins with airtight lids (Target carries some great options!). Cardboard boxes work too, but some items — such as fabric, linen, and clothing — do best when stored in plastic bins. If you are using cardboard, we recommend using brand new boxes instead of hand-me-downs. New boxes will hold up better and are less likely to have holes or gaps for mice to find. They are also stronger, making it easier for you to pack and stack them. Don’t take a chance on used boxes when storing your valuable belongings!

Did you know we carry boxes and other packing supplies? And here’s a bonus tip: Once you rent with Pleasant Grove Self Storage, you will receive 20% off our packing and moving supplies. We stock a variety of box sizes, packing paper, shrink wrap, and tape guns — and everything in between.

2. Prep Your Furniture 

Our next tip for how to keep mice out of storage units is to prep your furniture first. The last thing you want to do is store furniture that has food stuck to it. Make sure your furniture is cleaned thoroughly. Not only will this keep your storage unit smelling good, it will keep your furniture in great condition. Here’s what we recommend: 

  • Wash plastic items with soap and water.
  • Use wood cleaner or oil soap to wash wooden pieces.
  • Vacuum any upholstery and use a fabric cleaner if needed. (Here are the fabric cleaners Good Housekeeping recommends.)
  • Use a leather conditioner to prevent drying or cracking.
  • Polish metal pieces to prevent tarnishing. (There are a variety of polishes available, depending on what type of metal you are polishing. Find all the options you need at Home Depot.)

Taking preventative steps will produce long-lasting results for your belongings. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — especially when it comes to mice.

3. Be Mindful About Holiday Decor 

At Pleasant Grove Self Storage, we don’t allow food in our storage units, but some holiday decorations are food-based and use corn or other dried foods in wreaths and garlands. While you might see it and think “decoration,” mice smell it and think “food!” They will destroy your holiday decorations or childhood treasures that contain dried food. Before putting these types of decorations in your storage unit, place them inside a large Ziploc bag and then inside an airtight plastic tub for additional protection. 

4. Visit Your Storage Unit Regularly

Our next tip for how to keep mice out of storage units is to schedule regular visits to your storage unit and inspect it for signs of mice and rodents. Look for mouse droppings, holes in your boxes, or signs that a mouse might have turned your storage unit into a home. Regularly visiting and inspecting your unit will help it stay free of mice.

5. Keep the Floors Clean

After you move into your storage unit, sweep up any crumbs on your floors. If you’ve been snacking on chips while moving into your unit, the crumbs left on the floor could potentially attract rodents. Don’t leave papers or cardboard on the floor either, as mice like to chew through these items. Raise up cardboard boxes using wooden pallets so the cardboard is not touching the floor. If you keep your storage unit super clean, you won’t have to worry about a mouse infestation. 

Hopefully, you’ll never deal with a mouse infestation. But when it comes to how to keep mice out of storage units, it’s important to take precautionary steps to protect your belongings. If you’re dealing with mice in your home, buy some mousetraps and then use these same tips to keep them away. 

Have questions for us before renting a storage unit? Check in with one of our friendly associates, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help guide you through the process of renting a storage unit