5 Ways to Organize Kids’ Toys

If you’re a parent, then you already understand the ongoing struggle of toy management. (Does it ever feel like toys somehow multiply? Or is it just us?)  It’s difficult to organize kids’ toys and perhaps even harder for them to stay organized. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for organizing your kids’ toys and letting self storage come to the rescue. 

  • Purge Your Toys Regularly

The best way to organize kids’ toys? Purge, purge, purge. Get rid of the toys your children have outgrown or no longer play with regularly. Sort through their toys and throw away broken toys. Rehome the toys they have outgrown to friends who have younger children. Drop off old toys at your local Goodwill or utilize your local Buy Nothing group to give the toys away. If you do quarterly (or even monthly) toy purges, it should help keep your toy situation under control. 

  • Rotate Your Toys Seasonally 

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of toys you have, try rotating them quarterly (or even more frequently depending on how many toys you have!). Packing toys away and then pulling them out every few months gives your children the chance to be excited about their toys all over again. It also allows you to see what toys your kids really miss and what they don’t miss, which can help with purging. 

Here’s where self storage comes in handy. As you pack away toys to rotate, it’s easy to run out of storage space in your home. You can certainly store toys in your garage, basement, or closets, but they will take up important space for other things. (That Frozen princess castle shouldn’t mean that your car no longer has a home in the garage.) Don’t let your toys consume your precious storage spaces. Instead, rent a small- or medium-sized storage unit and keep your toys there. 

Need a place to store your summer and swim toys in the winter? Self-storage to the rescue! Need to stash your toys somewhere during your seasonal rotations? Self-storage, again. Our units are climate controlled, which means your toys will stay in great condition even in storage. And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to organize kids’ toys when you keep some in storage!

  • Utilize the Space Under the Bed

Need a little extra space as you organize kids’ toys? Put the space under your kids’ beds to work! Box up toys in clear plastic bins or wooden crates to keep under the bed. This will help keep things orderly, and you’ll be one step closer to total organization.  

  • Store Puzzles in Zippered Pouches

Items that can easily drive parents crazy are puzzle pieces. While puzzles are a great learning tool, the pieces can quickly spread throughout the house. Use these mesh zippered bags to keep your puzzles sorted and organized. Give every puzzle its own bag to save on storage space and increase your organization. This puzzle hack will keep your puzzles tidy as you work to organize kids’ toys and keep your living spaces clutter-free. 

  • Find Creative Alternatives to Birthday Gifts

If the idea of constantly bringing new toys into your house stresses you out, consider alternatives to traditional birthday presents. Instead of toys, tell your guests not to bring a gift at all (include the now-common phrase in your party invitations “your presence is our present”), or have them bring a book as their gift. Or encourage guests to give your kids an experience instead, like a trip to the movies or a visit to the zoo. Here’s a helpful list of non-toy gifts for kids. These toy alternatives will still make your child feel celebrated and loved without adding more clutter to your home.

Feeling ready to roll up your sleeves and organize your kids’ toys? Your wish is our command. Our self-storage units are waiting for you and your kids’ toys. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit!